Cari Gray

Cari Gray has travelled the world – initially as her parents’ excess baggage on overseas work assignments, and later as an insatiable explorer in her own right. After becoming a lawyer, she quickly ascertained that her passion for travel trumped legalese.

For the next 15 years, Cari worked for the luxury biking and walking company, Butterfield & Robinson. Her many roles at B&R included Guide, Researcher, Global Marketing & Public Relations Director. She continues to work very closely with high-end industry organizations and trendsetters.

As the woman who always knows where to go next, Cari’s words and views have been captured in such publications as Travel + Leisure, Executive Traveler, Everett Potter’s Travel Report and Black Ink. She is a Contributing Editor to the American Express Platinum Departures Magazine, and sits on the board of the AFAR Travel Advisory Council.

Cari founded Gray & Co. in 2008. Ever since, she has been crafting a select number of active journeys for discerning travellers. Gray & Co. supports sustainable and responsible travel practices and is an active member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association. Gray & Co. proudly sponsors a “Ride for Heart” team for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.