Greece perennially tempts sybaritic travellers with its idyllic beaches, aquamarine and sapphire waters, whitewashed villages and thrumming metropolises, fresh Mediterranean cuisine and fantastic wines, biking seaside and more history to soak up than anywhere else in the world.

The place where the modern western world began, Athens is a mandatory must-see for travellers, and the perfect place to start a Greek holiday. Staying in the heart of the city, at sister properties the Hotel Grande Bretagne or the King George, you’ll spend your days with our expert historian guides getting to now the fascinating ruins of famed temples, arenas and theaters — including the Acropolis and the Olympic stadium of Panathenaic — where the ancients celebrated and honoured their gods. As for your evenings, you’ll fill them with meals at our favourite modern, mouth-watering restaurants and by indulging in the energetic nightlife of the cosmopolitan city.

Throughout the warmer months, the Aegean’s coveted Cycladic islands are best experience by sailing on a chartered yacht or by staying in a private villa.  Whether snorkeling through caves in the bright-blue waters off Milos, visiting the ancient town on Folegandros, sipping cocktails in Little Venice on Mykonos or hiking Santorini’s caldera (the rim of an ancient volcano). Gray & Co. will curate the ultimate island-hopping experience with the best activities and local experts to bring the islands to life.

Back on the mainland, the best way to discover the Peloponnese Peninsula’s rugged topography and ancient ruins of Mycenaean palaces, temples and medieval hilltop castles, is from the ultra-luxe Amanzoe resort. Built into rolling hills overlooking the Aegean sea, surrounded by smooth rocks and olive groves, this favorite Aman Resorts property combines top-notch service with stunning architecture and design features inspired by ancient monuments. Travellers instantly relax and recharge here — both at the main hilltop resort area and its nearby seaside beach club — ensuring you’ll have the energy you want to take in the peninsula’s historic, culinary and natural marvels.

Whether you’re learning to cook with just-pressed olive oil, tangy feta and seasonal produce on a family-owned farm or hiking to hidden sea caves that figure in millennia-old myths, immersing yourself in the culture of the ancients by touring the most impressive of marble ruins or just lazing by the pool, watching the sun streak across the Aegean and Ionian seas and dance over olive groves, you’ll find that there’s no such thing as the ordinary when you’re exploring the wonders of Greece.