The beautifully preserved colonial city of Salta is the gateway to the lush valleys, red rock canyons, first-rate wineries, and the sleepy towns of Argentina.

Just outside the city is the charming House of Jasmines, the former estancia of Robert Duvall and now one of the best hotels in the country. There’s excellent biking an hour away through a lush cloud forest. In the other direction, one of the best rides in South America is the ride to Cafayate where you cycle along a fertile riverbed lined with lunar red rock formations before arriving in the Calchaqui vineyards. Excellent accommodations can be found at the Grace Cafayate.

Further south lies Mendoza where the Cavas Wine Lodge is the ultimate base for biking among the sunny vineyards at the base of the Andes mountains. Hikers love the Argentina Lakes district near Bariloche where the lakeside Las Balsas Gourmet Hotel & Spa delights.

Father south brings you to Patagonia.

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