The Great Smoky Mountains are among America's oldest and most beloved ranges. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the "Smokies" encompass some of the most diverse ecosystems in North America—and, luckily for us, great roads, trails, and accommodations.

Just outside of Knoxville lies The Inn at Blackberry Farm—a sublime base for road biking on quiet lanes, as well as for hiking, golf, paddling, fishing, skeet shooting, archery, spa-ing…and dining. Winner of the James Beard Award for its Outstanding Wine Program, the hotel takes its culinary arts as seriously as its fly fishing (and that’s pretty seriously). It also mixes the world’s best bourbon Manhattan. And that’s no small achievement.

How do you keep uncovering such hidden gems like Blackberry Farm?  Who would have thought eastern Tennessee could be a venue for great biking and luxury?  You, of course!! Tennessee afforded a combination and backdrop for this years physical challenges, sybaritic deliciousness, and renewal of the camaraderie amongst old friends.    You pamper us (with the right dose of irreverence), encourage us, and support us to a fairythywell.  It's hard to imagine how such treatment could be any better.               P.S, Miami, FL                                                         

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