It’s one of the greatest ski destinations in North America, but we prefer Whistler in its summertime glory, when the glacial lakes twinkle, the alpine hiking is at its best, and the black bears are easy to spot.

As the snow melts, both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains are transformed into massive biking and hiking parks, accessed by the 2.73 mile Peak2Peak gondola. With a wide range of activities for every kind of traveller, it’s the perfect destination for family vacations and corporate retreats.

In the valley, a handful of world-class golf courses compete for visitors’ attention with cycling trails, ziplining courses, bear tours, and river floats. For a truly amazing introduction to the area, board a floatplane on Green Lake and soar above it all. At the end of the day, we stay at the Four Seasons or Château Whistler—and never miss a chance to dine at the new Alta Bistro or at classic Araxi restaurant.